Joseph Joseph Bake

Item number: 75450

  • Ready, steady, bake!
    Little chefs can run the best bakery in town with help from this baking set!
  • Roll, measure & stir
    The twist whisk and ergonomic rolling pin requires motion, making no two playtimes the same.
  • True to life
    From using the rolling pin to beating with the whisk, this set mimics how baking actually works in real life.
  • Includes
    Large mixing bowl, twist whisk, ergonomic rolling pin, four Nest measuring cups and egg spatula.
  • Suitable for ages 3+
    No batteries required.
The Full Description

Some say “ready, steady, bake”, we say “Joseph, Joseph, Bake!”. Thanks to the Joseph Joseph Bake Set, little ones can now experience the pure joy that comes from using Joseph Joseph products in the kitchen. This set has all the baking essentials, including a large mixing bowl, twist whisk, egg spatula, rolling pin and measuring cups! With so much to play with, hours upon hours will be spent “baking” in the kitchen.

From measuring out accurate amounts of liquids to kneading with the (working!) ergonomic rolling pin, this baking set has just the ticket for anyone looking to get busy in the kitchen! From delightful sweet treats to savoury pastries, there’s no telling what your little one will whip up next. All we know is that it will be absolutely delicious!

With enough colours to entice any passersby, baking has never seemed so appealing. Your little one will soon become the ultimate tea party host – it’s safe to say rumbling tummies will get left at the door!

No batteries required. Suitable for ages 3+.

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What's in the box

A large mixing bowl, twist whisk, ergonomic rolling pin, egg spatula and 4 Nest measuring cups. No batteries required. Suitable for ages 3+.

The brand
Why we love it
  • Real working bowls with accurate measurements for developing numeracy
  • True-to-life, replica toy for visual stimulation
  • Encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination