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designed to look and work just like real joseph joseph products, the joseph joseph chop2pot comes equipped with all the essentials for (safely!) chopping up food. the choppable food features unique choppop™️ play food technology, meaning there will be no velcro or magnets in sight. the set also features a foldable chopping board to transport food from pan to pot and an elevate knife – it won’t be long until your little chef feels like a culinary connoisseur!

suitable for toddler toys (2+ years)

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  • product details

    • chop chop chop away
      featuring the famous choppop™️ technology to prevent any mishaps!
    • folding board
      the board bends just like the real chop2pot, making it easy to transport food from pot to pan!
    • perfect slices
      the four pieces of play food are actually choppable, using unique choppop™️ technology with no velcro or magnets in sight!
    • includes:
      chop2pot cutting mat, elevate knife, choppable onion, tomato, carrot & potato play food.
    • suitable for ages 2+

      warning: not suitable for children under the age of 2 years due to small parts.

  • how it works

    75150 chop2pot instruction manual

    weight 0.276kg
    length 31.5cm
    width 17.5cm
    height 10cm

    no batteries required.

  • learning and development

    • coordination icon coordination
    • fine motor skills icon fine motor skills
    • imagination icon imagination
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