Self-Service Supermarket

Item number: 667

  • REPLICATES THE REAL THING: The Self-Service Supermarket is stacked with features that replicate real self-service checkouts.
  • SHOP TIL YOU DROP: Hang up your loaded basket, scan the items through, and pay through cash or chip & pin.
  • ENCOURAGES INDEPENDENCE: Little Shoppers will learn all about shopping by themselves!
  • INCLUDES: Large checkout toy with ‘touch screen’, scanner, chip & pin machine, shopping basket, branded play food, lights, sounds and much more!
  • LIFE-SIZE TOY: Weight (kg): 2.63, Length (cm): 65.0, Width (cm): 27.0, Height (cm): 74.0
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Full Description

If you had to triple-take at this HUGE toy supermarket, then you’re not the only one! This Self-Service Supermarket goes above and beyond all expectations, delivering a top-class supermarket experience without having to wait to get served! Bear with us; there’s LOTS to unravel here…

This super interactive Self-Service Supermarket has everything Little Shoppers need to get their food shop done in a jiffy. Little ones can replicate real-life shopping experiences down to the last detail, whether scanning items (with help from the ‘touch’ screen!) or paying with the chip & pin machine. There’s even time to make some last-minute purchases and fill up your (included!) shopping basket, as plenty of branded items can be found at checkout!

Similarly to real self-service checkouts, the Self-Service Supermarket has realistic sounds and lights to further stretch your little one’s imagination. Little Shoppers will absolutely love levelling up their supermarket roleplay and taking matters into their own hands!

From stacking items on shelves to counting coins, the Self-Service Supermarket offers many ways to learn through play. We weren’t joking when we said there was lots to unravel – your little one will find infinite ways to play with this wonderful checkout!

3 x AA batteries required (not included). Suitable for ages 3+.

Developmental Benefits

Little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing real life jobs – just like the grown-ups! This realistic Self-Service Supermarket has been specially designed to provide hours of fun and stimulation so your Little Shopper will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills.

  • Role play activities for exploring imagination and developing social skills
  • Simulated ‘touch’ screen for interaction and understanding cause and effect
  • Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination
  • Accessories and components develop problem solving and motor skills
  • Different features and sounds for added realism and encouraging exploration and discovery

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Trade Information

EAN: 5.01E+12

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