Pan Pile Up

Item number: 638

  • ENTICING COLOURS: This set features six bold colours that’ll be sure to catch your tiny tots eyes’!
  • STACK, STACK, STACK!: The pans can be stacked on top or inside of each other, offering multiple ways to explore and problem solve.
  • GREAT FOR LEARNING: Suitable for even the smallest of children, this pan set encourages early learning skills.
  • INCLUDES: Six stacking pans in different sizes and colours.
  • DIMENSIONS: Weight (kg): 0.16, Length (cm): 18.0, Width (cm): 11.0, Height (cm): 7.0
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Full Description

Now even the smallest of youngsters can stack, stack, stack away! This oh-so-colourful Pan Set comes equipped with six stackable pans, making learning through play as exciting as can be. Each pan comes in a different colour and size, perfect for encouraging hand-to-eye coordination and colour recognition.

There are multiple ways to play with this Pan Set, whether stacking the pans inside or on top of each other. Babies over the age of twelve months can get stuck in with some problem-solving fun, all while learning along the way!

This Pan Set is absolutely perfect for little ones who love exploring their curious side. As an added bonus, it will prevent them from rummaging through drawers and finding real pans to play with!

Little ones will feel a sense of achievement as they stack these pans in the correct order, encouraging repetitive play and keeping them occupied for hours. Although a simple toy, this set comes with a whole realm of benefits!

No batteries required. Suitable for ages 12+ months.

Developmental Benefits

Little Ones get a real sense of achievement from learning early skills, whether it’s sorting, stacking or starting to recognise colours and shapes. This classic Pan Pile Up toy has been specially designed to encourage learning through play – a lovely way for children to progress towards more complex role play toys as they grow.

  • Encourages both mental and physical dexterity
  • Bright colours for visual stimulation and colour recognition
  • Helps to develop early counting skills

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Trade Information

EAN: 5.01E+12

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