Pan Pile Up

Item number: 638

Classic stacking toy – on top of each other or inside. For babies 12m+

  • Encourages hand-to-eye co-ordination and colour recognition
  • Develops physical & mental dexterity through play
  • Promotes a sense of achievement
  • Perfect for the littlest hands
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Full Description

Classic stacking toy for Little Ones! Bright, appealing colours and perfect design for small hands, it encourages hand-to-eye co-ordination and colour recognition. Getting the correct order of pans – whether stacking them on top of or inside each other – teaches cause & effect and promotes a wonderful sense of achievement for youngsters! suitable for ages 12 months+.

Developmental Benefits

Little Ones get a real sense of achievement from learning early skills, whether it’s sorting, stacking or starting to recognise colours and shapes. This classic Pan Pile Up toy has been specially designed to encourage learning through play – a lovely way for children to progress towards more complex role play toys as they grow.

  • Encourages both mental and physical dexterity
  • Bright colours for visual stimulation and colour recognition
  • Helps to develop early counting skills

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